« We are delighted to be able to reveal such a high-quality panel of judges for this year’s event, all of whom are vastly experienced musicians (…) In the Quality of Performance category : Florent Didier, who has made such a tremendous impression as Musical Director of Paris Brass Band. »

British Bandsman, John Woods, Brass In Concert 2016

« I am overwhelmed, really excited, it couldn’t go any better. The band has done a tremendous job, the conductor, really congratulations to everybody, it’s really a great pleasure. It was superb, just world class (…) It was an expressive playing, a technical playing, a spectacular playing, it’s more than a composer can hope for, it was great. »

Oliver Waespi, World of Brass Interview by F. Renton, Mai 2016

« This has been a masterclass in considered musicality and elegantly portrayed technique – just how it should be with this score. The coherent balance and warmth of the ensemble is superb, but it is also allied to razor sharp precision and phrasing of tasteful malleability. The solo lines are delivered with a freedom of expression that beats in the heart of every French artist. The Musical Director simply allows the score to unfold in front of him – the players responding with cultured appreciation of his and the composer’s needs and aspirations. Glorious stuff. Bravo band – Bravo Musical Director – Bravo soloists. »

–  4barsrest, Iwan Fox, janvier 2016

« There is a touch of refinement about the atmospheric opening – the Musical Director allowing the music to gradually build in intensity and mystery like low lying fog on the ground of an old Parisian graveyard. So much clarity and control in the ensemble – wonderful high class stuff this. The drive and power is matched by the precision and the finesse. The dynamic contrasts are so well defined – tempered and tapered expertly by the players. What a thrilling sound they make – like the organ at Notre Dame on turbo charge – contrasting with superb solo work from the cornet, euphonium, flugel, horn and soprano. That was playing of a very high, high class indeed, an impressive band, an impressive performance. What a band – packed to the gunnels with top, top players, but led with such intuitive musicality by the MD that they become a communal musical whole. If we had a hat we would take it off to both hands. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. They could make a film out of that… Another superbly constructed, high class performance from Paris Brass Band – led by such an accomplished Musical Director. They really are some band. The standing ovation was so well deserved. »

4barsrest, Iwan Fox, janvier 2015

« L’Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse (OSM) a adopté la forme d’un ensemble de cuivres. Quinze solistes comprenant trompettes, cors, tubas, trombones et percussions, placés sous la direction du jeune et talentueux chef Florent Didier, ont proposé un programme de haute tenue comprenant des oeuvres originales et des transcriptions soigneusement choisies pour illustrer les possibilités les plus diverses de la formation. Les enchevêtrements des lignes et les contrepoints s’articulaient magnifiquement, donnant vie à une interprétation d’une musicalité exceptionnelle. »

L’Alsace, octobre 2014

« On behalf of Liam O’Flynn and on my own regard I write to extend a sincere thank to Florent and the entire Festival Symphonic Orchestra for a truly memorable performance of The Brendan Voyage last night in Espace Marine. The concert was one of the best I can recall hearing and the whole event was good from start to finish. »

Festival Interceltique, Tom Sherlock, août 2014

« The opening statement is earth shattering in its intensity. There is something almost primeval about this. It’s terrifying stuff and the fury of the sea is portrayed with devastating, brutal impact. The playing of the Parisians is really capturing our imagination. Musical Director Florent Didier is stamping his own mark on the performance and his players are responding with such an array of shifting moods and colours. Laments is deeply felt and the solo lines are sung with austere beauty. The complexity of the counterpoint is projected with clarity at the opening of The Lighthouse which sets off with a real sense of purpose. Overall: Florent Didier has really made his mark on this performance in magnificent fashion. We feel breathless. Pacing, power and individual lines of the highest quality The Paris Brass Band is the most exciting ensemble to emerge in the last few years. The French halve always understood musical colour – just look at their composers of yesteryear! This piece is a gift for this band and their conductor in this thrilling rendition. I predict sometime in near future, they will be European Champions. Could this be their year? Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! »

4barsrest, Chris Thomas and N. Clarke, Mai 2014

« A propos of Florent’s views on conductors, similar comments were made in tributes to the late Sir Colin Davis, who himself once said he regretted the wish some players had to be « conducted by Jehovah ». Writing in the programme for the recent concert in Sir Colin’s honour at the Barbican, Lennox Mackenzie, the current Chairman of the LSO, said : « He deftly gave his musicians space within the music to express themselves… He had the ability to alway’s bring the very best out of his musicians playing. » Florent’s approach to conducting seems to have been vindicated at the European Championships in Oslo, where one professional musician from outside the brass band movement reckoned Paris Brass Band’s playing to be the « most musical of the day. »

British Bandsman interview, Roy Terry, Septembre 2013

« There is a great deal of interest in the debut appearance of French representatives, Paris Brass Band. Those who have heard them in the past couple of years have waxed lyrical about their abilities and approach to the most English of musical genres. Packed with high class players and led by a hugely impressive conductor, they could be the band to make the greatest impression of all this weekend. », Iwan Fox, Avril 2013

« Après 3 ans seulement d’existence, le Paris Brass Band se hisse au meilleurs niveau Français. Jouer « On the shoulders of Giants » de P. Graham (morceau imposé au British Open à Birmingham qui évoque notamment la 8e symphonie de Brückner) si tôt dans leur courte vie semblait être une stratégie de grand risque mais ils ont vite éliminé tous doutes de leur compétence. Daniel Barenboim a écrit sa difficulté à persuader les cuivres de l’Orchestre de Paris de produire un son authentique Brücknérien. Il aurait été fier de la façon dont l’orchestre a débuté ce morceau […] Citant Barenboim encore une fois, il considérait qu’on juge la qualité de la musique par la qualité du silence à la fin d’un morceau. Et il y eut un tel silence à la fin du mouvement lent… »

Gazette des Cuivres, Roy Terry, Juin 2011